On Monday (15th) morning this tiny bin cat was found collapsed in the middle of the road. He was in a really bad way and after a speed breaking run to the vet, the worst was confirmed. He was infested with worms, fleas and maggots. Bleeding from the mouth, emaciated, swollen infected eyes, severely dehydrated, in liver failure and suffering from hypothermia.

Shelby kitten thanks everyone for their good wishes, blessings & donations

Estimated to be about 12 weeks of age we felt he deserved a chance at life. Would he make it through the night?? He did!!!!! Today he ate a small amount of food but he is still seriously ill. The chances of recovery are low and the costs high but he is fighting to live.

Shelby when he first arrived at the vets

Tuesday (23rd): Today Shelby came back to be nursed, his drip is out but he still needs hand feeding which with his teeth is a challenge! A month or more of antibiotics, he has a large draining abscess on his forehead and were not sure if he is brain damaged or just traumatized.

Thursday: ….. back to the vets this morning. Shelby is not eating, drinking or urinating and has fluids coming out of his nose. Will let you know what the vet says.

He is now back on a drip & this morning much better for it! He is eating himself for the first time