Dimos Neutering Session

26th September DOGS ONLY
21st October CATS & DOGS

To book a stray dog please contact the Dimos (office hours):

2825 3 40519
2825 3 40522
If you wish to attend with cats please contact via cpr@catspyjamas.org, Facebook Messenger or Tel 6949476418 supplying the following information:
· How many cats & sex if known
· Approx. age
· Pregnant
· Nursing kittens
· Any diseases or wounds
· Contact details: Tel number including mobile/land line/postal address
Difficult cats: please trap the day before & keep in a quiet, cool, dry place.
Equipment loans to be collected from Fres by arrangement
· Equipment must be cleaned & returned within 1 week to Fres
· Please borrow cat carriers if possible from other cat lovers always place your name on each carrier
· Cat traps are manual & automatic please indicate which is required
If you are disabled or have never used a trap before or need assistance, we will try to send a volunteer to help
Misc. Information
· Please read attached information leaflets
· Please use small amounts of food in traps! vomiting a tin of pilchards is not ideal for breathing during sedation it can be inhaled into the lungs
· Please ensure each carrier has a newspaper base in with the cat as they can get acid burns from sitting in urine puddles
· One admission form taped to each cat carrier for each cat
· Kittens under 6 weeks to accompany mother
· 1 cat per carrier unless siblings under 4 months then 2 is acceptable.
Any of the following provisions or donations will be very welcome on the day: newspapers, vinyl/latex gloves med/large, washing up liquid, bin bags, kitchen roll, masking tape, printer paper, cable ties, incontinence pads, hot water bottles, old blankets/towels/sheets, unwanted cat carriers, collars/leads, medicines & food to feed our feral colonies.
Please note that the date & times of this event may change without notice unless you have made an appointment