Animal Welfare Under Attack

Animal Welfare in Apokoronas is under attack from internal and external forces if you care for the health and well-being of our strays you need to help by signing the petitions, forwarding it to everyone you can and supporting our neutering programme against those who would malign our work.
Our clinic is one of the few still working on the island now threatened with closure due to those whose only concern is their fragile ego and own personal gain, giving no thought to the consequences of their appalling behaviour and puerile accusations.
Imagine going back to the days neutering only if you could afford to fund it yourself, the legion of starving, sick, abused, dead and dying animals we had in Apokoronas left to fend for themselves. We exist solely due to our volunteers good will and hard work, the professionalism and compassion of our vets, the tireless work of our mayor and his colleagues supporting animal welfare.
External forces nationwide want to prevent volunteer vets from working in Greece this has been happening for some time. It has now been brought out into the open by our Chania colleagues those with influence are trying to find a way forward and open constructive dialogue the goal is to reinstate the neutering of strays and cease the persecution of foreign vets.
You have a voice use it

Mayor of Chania setup public vet for all stray animals in CHANIA

Yes to the sterilization by European uniform veterinarians – Not to their discharge

Municipal Vet Fired After Sabotaging Free Sterilizations For Strays Insists That She Was Doing Her Job

Dimos Neutering Session

26th September DOGS ONLY
21st October CATS & DOGS

To book a stray dog please contact the Dimos (office hours):

2825 3 40519
2825 3 40522
If you wish to attend with cats please contact via, Facebook Messenger or Tel 6949476418 supplying the following information:
· How many cats & sex if known
· Approx. age
· Pregnant
· Nursing kittens
· Any diseases or wounds
· Contact details: Tel number including mobile/land line/postal address
Difficult cats: please trap the day before & keep in a quiet, cool, dry place.
Equipment loans to be collected from Fres by arrangement
· Equipment must be cleaned & returned within 1 week to Fres
· Please borrow cat carriers if possible from other cat lovers always place your name on each carrier
· Cat traps are manual & automatic please indicate which is required
If you are disabled or have never used a trap before or need assistance, we will try to send a volunteer to help
Misc. Information
· Please read attached information leaflets
· Please use small amounts of food in traps! vomiting a tin of pilchards is not ideal for breathing during sedation it can be inhaled into the lungs
· Please ensure each carrier has a newspaper base in with the cat as they can get acid burns from sitting in urine puddles
· One admission form taped to each cat carrier for each cat
· Kittens under 6 weeks to accompany mother
· 1 cat per carrier unless siblings under 4 months then 2 is acceptable.
Any of the following provisions or donations will be very welcome on the day: newspapers, vinyl/latex gloves med/large, washing up liquid, bin bags, kitchen roll, masking tape, printer paper, cable ties, incontinence pads, hot water bottles, old blankets/towels/sheets, unwanted cat carriers, collars/leads, medicines & food to feed our feral colonies.
Please note that the date & times of this event may change without notice unless you have made an appointment