What we are doing for the stray animals of Apokoronas

Niki Niolaki, Deputy Mayor, Municipality of Apokoronas

The Municipality of Apokoronas obeys faithfully the legislative ordinances of stray animals’ well-being and protection, as piece of our culture’s evidence.  After my assumption of duties regarding the handling of stray animals, in partnership with the Mayor Mr. Har. Koukianakis, we set in motion the below actions:

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Living Together with the Animals

The Federation (Pan-Hellenic Animal Welfare and Environmental Federation), in its effort to enforce the animal loving idea to the new children, in cooperation with the Municipality of Apokoronas has already started at the schools of the Municipality the presentation of the educational program “Living together with the Animals Around Me”, that Ms Melita Lazaratou created.

Almost all teachers responded  to the invitation of the Municipality and our Federation and the young pupils surprised us pleasantly with their knowledge and questions concerning animals.

Our program is presented in the schools of Chania and Crete as well as the rest of Greece since 2008 and has contributed a lot to the change of our attitude as concerns animals. animals.

Mrs Aggeliki Bartsioka, member of the BOD of our Federation and President of the Animal Welfare Association of Lamia is presenting the program.

The Municipality of Apokoronas covered the air tickets expenses of Mrs Bartsioka and Mr. Venetaki’s Pet Shop other expenses of the program.

“Living Together with the Animals” – an innovating program in the schools of Apokoronas

Bulletin from the Animal Welfare Department (Apokoronas Council)

Mayor of Apokoronas Mr. Charalambos Koukianakis

The Municipality of Apokoronas is trying to find a solution to the issue of stray animals with a specific management plan drawn up and unanimously approved by the City Council at the last meeting. Meanwhile, the Mayor Charalambos Koukianakis, has called  to implement legislation and to permanently shut down the illegal animal center in Kaina Apokoronas.
The monitoring and responsibility for the implementation of the management plan for strays consists of a 5-member committee composed of: R. Terezakis (deputy mayor), C. Mousourakis (veterinarian), M. Paitaki (trainer of animals), St. Kotsifaki and deputy R . Tsekmetzoglou (representatives of the Animal Welfare Association of Chania “The Protection of Animals”) and E. Iliaki by Deputy S. Vrompel (representatives of the Animal Welfare Association of Chania “Little Ark”).
The management plan provides, inter alia, the supply of microchips for stray dogs, veterinary equipment and food as well as cooperation between the municipality, the veterinarian C. Mousourakis and animal protection association “Fordervere in Arche Noah Kreta” to perform sterilisations. from the council to supply veterinary material, food, houses and feeders for strays and has covered veterinarian fees. It has already neutered around 100 stray animals and many of them have been returned to their natural environment.
In addition, the workshop has been set up for the collection of strays and in collaboration with animal welfare organizations and a neutered animal adoption programme prepared for the citizens, who will be rewarded with a large discount for veterinary equipment and food for these adopted animals.
At the same time, a target programme has been prepared  educating students in caring for animals and awareness.  There is a plan for every school unit to adopt two strays, and soon a page will be completed in the municipality website dealing with caring for animals and other informational topics. Also, in the Town Hall there will be an information area for programs and application for adoption and fostering of strays in cooperation with volunteers and animal welfare organizations.
Regarding Kaina, the mayor stressed that the decision on the management plan was unanimous and added that the Board of Directors updated simultaneously all previous decisions on the definitive closure of the dog kennel in Kaina. “We urge the prosecutor to give instructions to the relevant departments to carry out their work and shut down the illegal animal shelter as it is known that it cannot be legalized,” said Mr. Koukianakis. He noted that “part of the population of animals at the animal center are suffering from leishmaniasis, as  officially informed by the Veterinary Directorate.”
Asked what would happen to the over 200 dogs that are in animal center if it is closed, Mr. Koukianakis noted that “The prosecutor should define some operators, veterinary and animal welfare associations and the municipality, all together and give directions. We will will help with money, but we cannot deal alone with the 250 dogs that gathered there from all West Crete.  Some of them should be moved to other parts of the county, they cannot be left all in Apokoronas” noted, Mr. Koukianakis.

Crete has highest number of reported animal abuse cases in 2013

This young cat was found on Thursday (16/10/14) staggering in the road by Vamos Post Office (suffering distressing & agonising symptoms of poisoning).  Now undergoing treatment, only time will tell if she survives

Crete, closely followed by Attica where Athens belongs, comes top in the number of reported cases of animal abuse in Greece for 2013 and the first half of 2014. According to data from the Greek Police and Tourism directorate given to parliament last week, in 2013 there were 102 incidents of abuse, torture or killing of animals in Crete closely followed by Attica with 99 reported cases out of a total of 530 cases nationally.  In the first half of 2014 there were a total of 495 cases of reported animal abuse torture or killing of animals in Greece and the figures are expected to exceed the high of the previous year. Crete had the second highest number of cases, 79, while in Attica there were 107 cases of animal abuse reported to the police.

Source: Apokoronas News

PFPO says “YES” to the Municipal Vet Clinics, “NO” to the Municipal Shelters

The Panhellenic Animal Welfare and Environmental Federation (PFPO) denounces the illegal and/or the legal municipal shelters-prisons-warehouses of living beings and asks their shut down as such and their transformation into Municipal Vet Clinics or where there are no shelters, the solely establishment of Municipal Vet Clinics.