Seasons Greetings!

We are appealing on behalf of partially sighted Pollyanna who is desperate for a home.

Found wandering the streets of Kalyves this young tortoiseshell female (approx 2 years of age) was underweight unable to hunt for food she would have starved this winter. Pollyanna has damaged corneas from old cat flu, neutered, all blood tests normal (FIV/FeLV negative) she is now fit and healthy.

Her vision is better at a distance not so good when close to objects as she cannot focus. She plays with her toys, uses her litter tray, very loving and affectionate she is very active behaving like any other cat except she can startle easily and needs pointing in the right direction sometimes.

Pollyanna would be safer as an indoor cat or allowed into a secluded garden as she is used to being outside.

If you wish to adopt or know anyone who might please contact us otherwise we need to raise the funds to send her to Woodland Nook in the UK for re homing.

Lost/abandoned, does anyone recognise her?

We have a very sad and terrified adult cat (probably female) we suspect has either been lost or abandoned, does anyone recognize this cat?

If we cannot find an owner we will have to bring her in for adoption as clearly she will not last the winter and her coat will matt causing pain and infection.
Any help appreciated
October 2017: Fluffy has settled in well here, a gentle loving lady, we are sure she will find a loving home once she is at Woodland Nook

Blue Persian found in Georgioupoli

Yesterday this poor cat was found under a car in the middle of Georgioupoli it must have had an owner does anyone recognise it?

It is bewildered, thin, typical Persian runny eyes/snuffly nose its coat is matted will have to be shaved under sedation.

Sex not quite sure difficult to tell due to matted fur despite liking strokes she/he won’t allow us to touch the tail end!No microchip.Please contact us if you know of anyone who has lost this cat.

Robin, Reggie & Ronnie

We have 3 kittens desperate for homes a very sad start to their lives lucky to be rescued by one of our volunteers.

Found by tourists thrown under their car parked at Kalyves beach they nearly drove over them. Still feeding from mother they were traumatized, blind due to eye infections with pus & heaving with parasites.

Now 10 weeks of age they are adorable boys playing, mischievous full of life unrecognisable from when they came into us.

Robin: Black/grey/white tabby his eyes are perfect, he has no health issues, he is the cutest & friendliest of the three boys. Purring all the time he loves to play is confident full of life & vitality.

Reginald (Reggie): Beautiful beige & black tabby, twin to Ronnie he suffered scarring to the iris/cornea & cannot focus. He definitely sees us but how much we cannot tell. Reggie plays, runs does all the usual kitten things but is quieter & much more reserved than his brothers.

Sadly he has entropion both eyes (eyelashes turn inwards) he has twice daily eye drops which are working well no signs of infection. We are waiting, sometimes they grow out of it but if surgery is required it is a simple procedure if re homed here we are happy to do this. He needs lots of love & affection someone to give him time to gain confidence.

Ronald (Ronnie): Twin to Reggie another stunning tabby he is much more confident & playful, he too had eye issues he has been left with a cataract in his left eye, very mild entropion to the right eye. He sees fine no obvious issues at all he can focus, plays normally & is just delightful. We are hoping he might grow out of his entropion.

Please contact us if you can help in anyway either by adopting or donating towards their care & travel costs.